About Werova

Werova has been active in producing high-quality plastic roof glands for over 30 years

We specialize in glands for flat roofs, for new developments, renovations and maintenance. Quality, meeting agreements, fast service and all this at prices that conform to the market: that is what characterizes Werova. A reliable partner that you, as a professional, can depend on!

Every roof specialist knows that an expert roof is only finished if the drainages, overflow systems and air vents have been properly installed. After all, a good roof offers protection from the elements and contributes to a good and sustainable indoor climate. Werova delivers these materials in all kinds of versions and sizes, in high-quality PVC, PP and PE. In order to provide maximum quality, we always offer our roof glands with membrane. This allows you to easily place it on the roof and can easily attach it to the roofing.

Werova: a reliable partner that you as a professional can depend on!

Custom work

Naturally, custom work is possible. Werova does not just develop and produce items for our own use, we also make plastic roof glands for wholesalers both in the Netherlands and abroad. Together with them, we look for the right solution, tailored to their specific wishes and needs. In this way, we enable our manufacturers and suppliers to become a full-service supplier, and in doing so further improve upon their services. They subsequently enable roof specialists to perform their work even better.

Quotation for custom work

Are you looking for a plastic roof gland with specific dimensions that is not part of our standard assortment? We are happy to make a quotation for you. After you have provided us with a sketch/drawing, the dimensions and the desired materials, we can draw up a suitable proposal. For the air vents and side spouts, the slope of the roof must also be given in degrees.

Inform us of your specific wishes and needs by filling in this contact form and uploading the sketch/drawing.